Monday, June 30, 2014

New Computer! New Post!

Oh, my! I love the new computer we got today. I have to admit, I got a lot done when I didn't sit in front of the computer last week. I recovered our computer chair. I used my blanket that didn't sell. It's comfortable and cute at the same time. Here's how it turned out.  photo imagejpg1-174.jpg  photo imagejpg1-175.jpg Then I refinished my son's desk. I stripped the paint off the top and stained it, and then distressed the drawers and sided of the desk. This picture isn't very good, but I can't blame the computer! I also painted his room and rearranged it. It's funny because he works and lives in Chandler, but I still want him to feel like his room will always be his. I did put different bedding on his bed that his girlfriend will probably appreciate more than he will! I'll let you know how that goes!  photo imagejpg1-176.jpg

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