Monday, June 23, 2014

Home From the Big Heap!

What a wonderful weekend in Flagstaff, Arizona! This was my second time being a vendor at The Big Heap, and it was such a great time. My sister's were there selling our wares and my husband hauled everything to Flagstaff, unloaded stuff, set up camp and made everything perfect for us. Big thanks to them and all of you who came to support Sew Old Sew New, especially Sheryl!! I went around and took pictures on Friday. I was so good about taking pictures and asking for cards, but when I cam home today I couldn't figure out which picture went with which card. I'm going to post my pictures, and as I find out for sure who goes with which picture I will add it. The first picture is my sister Cindy and I in the "Sew Old Sew New" booth!  photo 060.jpg  photo 040-1.jpg  photo 042-1.jpg  photo 043-1.jpg  photo 044.jpg The picture above is "Redhead Sadie Vintage", and the picture below is "Vintageby Jen".  photo 047-1.jpg  photo 049-1.jpg  photo 050.jpg  photo 051.jpg  photo 052-2.jpg  photo 057.jpg This is "Zinna's at Melrose". They had lockers, unique art objects and lots of antique stuff.  photo 045.jpg Here are some of the wonderful vendors that were not in their booths for pictures when I went around. check them out, their jewelry is unique and amazing! Then there were the coolest clocks ever, created by Half Past Clocks!


  1. Larry and I had a great time....very interesting to see how much work it all is! I hope your storage shed is completely cleaned out! If it wasn't for the baby shower this weekend we would still be up there enjoying the cool..!! Can't wait to go back up soon!

  2. We stayed an extra night and enjoyed the weather. I wish my shed was cleaned out, but I could have taken another load if we had more room to haul stuff. Cindy took some back to Wyoming for a sale in September. Thank you again for your help!!