Friday, March 29, 2013

Decoupaged Trays

One of the teachers I work with found me a whopping deal on trays, so I bought a bunch and started decoupaging them. I have to add, our local PTA has a book fair, where you can buy used books for .50 each. The first tray I took pages from a discarded book from the book fair & decoupaged them right onto the tray.  photo image-27.jpg The second tray I started by painting a base-coat of paint onto the tray. Next, I painted the saying onto the tray. After that, I cut out an image of the cowgirl and the floral design and decoupaged them onto the tray. Last, I decoupaged the entire top of the tray. When I took the picture I included 3 vintage glasses I found. I was delighted to find glasses with a bear, a fish and an elk. They fit both my camper and my family!  photo image-28.jpg

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