Sunday, March 3, 2013

Baby Bear- My Vintage Camper

I have had the strong desire to restore a camper for many years. I have been buying vintage goods for it. I made a quilt for it. And now I get to do it! My wonderful husband searched high and low for a camper that would be safe, light weight and cute. Boy, he knows me well! This is the camper he found for me, and I Love It!!!! I have had it for a week and I'm so excited and full of ideas that I can't hardly sleep. Since most of my free time will be spent restoring Baby Bear, I thought I would post before and after pictures on my blog. My sister, Cindy, is also restoring a camper. It's so much fun bouncing ideas off each other and sharing this creative energy!  photo 014-4.jpg  photo 014-5.jpg


  1. Iam so happy for you! I love the turquoise and white, AND the hub caps! What a steal. I read your blog all the way thru and your talent is very dedicated. I love all your old stuff and of course my favorite is the canvas family photo album. I hope when I make mine that it comes close to yours. I cant wait for Baby Bear to come out of hibernation! Kelly Hayes

    1. Thank you Kelly! I'm having such fun with my new toy! I just added the comment section and I appreciate your message. Thanks for all the old stuff you have given me! Terry