Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Baby Bear is a 1972 Serro Scotty 13 foot camper

My husband, Mike, told me I really should mention what kind of camper "Baby Bear" is. It is a 1972 Serro Scotty Sportsman Camper. Vintage? I told my friends, if this is vintage, I am a relic! My first project was to recover the seats in the dinette. I made them reversible. One side is covered with denim and bits of old stuff, and the other side is a soft feminine floral. I am going to do the curtains and sheets with reversible fabrics as well. When I am done decorating my camper, it should be easy to change the looks 4 different ways. If I am doing all this sewing and such, I would like to make it fit my needs the first time around. Old Cushion:  photo 5c21dd90-0fa4-47c1-8a08-468cc58c3690.jpg New Cushions:  photo 67fb697d-af6f-4d77-b078-0dd60102f1ce.jpg  photo 003-10.jpg

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