Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Lost Art Of Letter Writing

Today my 5th graders were working on a line design project. We started talking about what we could do with our art. Well, the discussion came around to writing letters and inventive envelopes. By the time the class ended I had created an envelope and told the kids I would pick a name and mail one of them a happy letter in the mail. It led to a very interesting conversation about mail, or should I say the lost art of mail. They were so excited to get a chance to receive a letter in the mail. This made me think about a man named Charlie who was turning 100 years old. He told someone in his church that all he wanted for his birthday were letters. That person told our principal, and our students began writing letters to Charlie. Yes, there were well over 100 letters. A simple letter! Pick up a pen and send someone some happy mail. It's worth your time.....  photo image-545.jpg

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