Sunday, February 9, 2014

Balancing Creativity & Organization

I face a constant struggle between keeping my art space clean and organized and/or using any extra time I have in creating my art. I have a lot of supplies as well as big project pieces. I have a room at home with a walk-in closet that is devoted just to my art stuff. It seems like a no brainier that there would be a place for everything, but the truth is, I had so much stuff stacked up that I didn't enjoy spending time in there lately. That is really sad! So on Saturday I got up, had coffee, and began tackling my mess. I took boxes last week and covered them in brown paper and stenciled words on them so I would put only those contents in the designated boxes. Why did I cover the boxes? Because I like things to look pretty. Why did I label them? Because I am so tired of wasting time looking for stuff!!! I took things out of the room that were for other uses in the house. Yes, this made a new mess, but I was willing to deal with that too. I cleaned my desk. I cleaned and organized me sewing areas, and I made a place for working with jewelry and glass stuff. You can now actually walk into the closet and get to everything on the shelves. There is not much extra room, but at least I might not be mistaken for a hoarder! I am so happy! I even put up a pretty little light that I have wanted to use for a couple of years. Wish me luck in my quest to keep my art room in a creatively organized pretty space!  photo image-1677.jpg

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