Saturday, February 22, 2014

Gratitude & Kindness

Last year I picked the word GRATITUDE to live by. I kept thinking about what word I would like to choose this year. Well, I want to continue with gratitude and add kindness. I was thinking about these words this morning because they both rang true this week. One of the ladies I work with loves tea cups and saucers and I love linen and such, so we traded. It didn't cost us anything and we both received things we really like. Why don't we do more of that? If I have things in my collections you need, then ask me for them or let's figure out a trade. Any way, another kindness came my way. A friend of my sister's, Peggy, came to see me. I got to know her this summer, and she radiates kindness! She brought me an old button card, and a little needle holder that she made. How nice is that. So my gratitude grows. Then my husband bought me a drill of my very own. He had bought me a big kit of drill bits for Christmas, and then he surprised me this week with a drill that would be perfect for me. I do love this man!! More gratitude! Then I have a friend who sends me wonderful quotes almost daily. They remind me of who and what is important in my life. Oh how I appreciate the people in my life and I am so grateful for every day I have to share with them!  photo image-949.jpg  photo image-872.jpg  photo image-2317.jpg

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  1. love this post Terry! I am so trying to live this way. We have so much and we do need to be so grateful for all of it!