Sunday, October 20, 2013

Quilted Canvas High-back Chair

This project started with an adorable t shirt that I found at a tag sale. I decided to use it on a pillow. I started taking bits & pieces from my fabric stash, and started sewed them together. When I was about half way done I decided to make the pillow for a canvas high-back camp chair I bought. I took the half made pillow outside and laid it across the front of the chair. I forgot to mention that the chair has a removable bean-bag type cover. The front of the pillow was almost big enough to cover 1/2 the pad. I thought it would be so pretty to add more fabric and actually cover the front of the bean bag cover. I started this project at about 3:00 in the afternoon and I was still working on it at 10:00,(My husband was hunting). When I finished the front of the cover, I decided to add some batting to the back to give it support. I got all that done and had to hand stitch it to the canvas because it was to bulky for my sewing machine. By now I am so tired! I finally went to bed and got up bright and early to finish the cover. I got it all sewn down and decided it needed some little extra pretties! I stitched the black beaded fringe along the top, added a little lace and a pretty button, and did a lot of hand stitching. What do you think? The little side table was made with old wood, and a vintage metal cookie sheet. Time to RELAX!!  photo image-1858.jpg  photo image-2476.jpg  photo image-948.jpg  photo 005-11.jpg  photo 016-3.jpg  photo 010-11.jpg

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