Sunday, October 27, 2013

Portable Bar

This Saturday I went to a picnic with my dad. On my way, I stopped at a school that was having a sale. I found a few treasures! Ok, lots of treasures! So many big items that I had to call my mister to come and cart them home. Let me tell you, there wasn't a soul at the sale that thought I made good buys, except me of course. There was a man there that delighted in telling me what he thought of my purchases. Well, game on! I worked all today on this bar cabinet. This was a sewing cabinet in its prior life. I sanded it, painted a base coat on it and then painted the print on. I saw a dresser at Bliss Ranch that was done using this technique. I will take another picture when I stock the inside. The top opens up, there is room for bottles, glasses, and fun stuff that can go in the little side doors.  photo image-477.jpg I STARTED SANDING THE TOP OF THE CABINET BEFORE I REMEMBERED TO TAKE A PICTURE!  photo image-2411.jpg

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