Monday, October 7, 2013

Once Upon A Time Baby Quilt

It's the same 'ole story! I was cleaning on Saturday and I saw this quilt panel in a stack of fabric. I realized that I had fabric border strips ready to go, and they matched the panel perfectly! You guessed it...I grabbed it all up and started sewing! I completed the front of the quilt and was ready to look for fabric for the back. I had enough of the little flower print from the border, but it needed to be washed. Ok, I did that, but it wasn't fast enough. I started milling through the fabrics again, and came across a quilt piece that I had cut up because it got stained when I was quilting it. I won't explain that story. Anyways, there was just enough quilting to do the back of this little quilt. I got it all sewn together and the little flower fabric was through the wash. I ironed it, cut strips and decided to use it for the binding. Next week is Fall vacation and I can finish this little quilt up then. I have enough fabric left to make a carrying bag to match. I just love days off!  photo image-664.jpg

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