Monday, September 30, 2013

Sun Bonnet Quilt Top

Today I found this Sun Bonnet quilt top, and I couldn't believe how much work had gone into it! It is really quite beautiful. Each girl is appliquéd onto the block, and all the flowers are appliquéd and hand stitched. Most of the top is sewn together. I will stitch a few rows up on the side, and put a border around 2 sides of it. I think I will quilt around each block when I make it into a quilt. Isn't it a beauty!? It is so big I had to hang it off the balcony to take a picture. Sorry for the sun shining though part of it, but it is Arizona, and there is no stopping the sun here!  photo image-1396.jpg  photo image-1622.jpg  photo image-909.jpg  photo image-2083.jpg

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