Monday, September 23, 2013

Star Quilt with Cori Dantini "Girls In Bloom" Applique

I have had this pieced star for at least 30 years. I thought the piecing was amazing except it did not come together correctly in the center, and it would not lie flat. Then I saw a quilt that used 1/2 of the star, and so I thought that was how I would use the piece. So I cut the star in half. Well, come to find out, I really needed more than half of the star for the quilt. Long story short, I put the star peices away. Then I wanted to do one last project with my 'Girls In Bloom" fabric. I wanted something with a little pop of red in it. I started going through my unfinished project boxes and there sat the star pieces. I also found a linen bed cover. Now the wheels start turning and I got all excited. I layed out the bed cover, put the star pieses on top, and realize if I put fusible webbing on the "Bloom Girt", I could hide most of the star's imporfections! Now comes the work! I hand stitched the star back together in the center of the bed cover. I fused the girl onto the center of the star, and I am delighted! I am hand quilting this piece, so it will take a while, but I think it will be so pretty when I'm done!  photo image-1668.jpg

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