Tuesday, May 20, 2014

File-box Side-table

This is a work in progress! I found this box at the Habitat Store. I picked it up and my husband said, "really"? It had carpet glued to one side and it was pretty odd. You guessed it, I bought it! I brought it home and peeled all the junk off it. Then I put it away. Then I painted it. Then I put it away. It had a wood bottom, so I covered it with a nice plank paper. Yep, and put it away. Today I found 4 wood legs in my junk box. I asked my husband if they could be attached to my box. He said maybe, if he could get the old screws out. Next thing I know, there is my box with 4 wood legs. I wish I could do all this stuff myself, but why, when I have such a sweet husband! Now I will put it away until I figure out what to paint on it. A saying, distress it, not sure yet!  photo imagejpg1-86.jpg

1 comment:

  1. ha! it looks like a mailbox to me! Yay for sweet husbands!