Thursday, December 5, 2013

Deconstructed-Reconstructed Rocker

I was on my way to Safeway and I saw a sign for a sale. Screetch....turn left....up the block...stop. I spy an old wood chair. The wheels start turning. The sale is made. I'm invited into the home where the sale is. It's filled with wonderful antique furnishings. I find out it's the mom's house of one of my former students. Life is funny isn't it? I take the chair home and realize it's a rocker. I start taking it apart...deconstruction. I love all the old wood, the nails, the raw piece before me. I decided to add burlap to the back of the chair. I added burlap to the bottom seat of the chair. I didn't have enough to cover the top seat of the chair so I know I need to go to my recent purchase of rawhide materials from Moda. Bingo! I sewed some of the fabrics together. Love it! Then I decided to sew material on the seat as well. Done!! Here is the before:  photo image-940.jpg  photo image-1143.jpg The finished chair:  photo image-1606.jpg  photo image-1045.jpg

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