Sunday, December 1, 2013

Child's Play Oven

I sold a child's play kitchen when I did The Big Heap. I was also working on a child's oven but I didn't get it finished in time to sell it. It's made out of an old cupboard. Here is the before and after pictures of it. I used Cori Dantini fabrics on the sides of it and tea stained canvas on the top. I drew the burners on with a Sharpie marker, added a towel hanger and painted an old coffee pot to match. I painted a cookie tray and muffin pan to go on the inside. I will never make enough on this piece to pay for the time and materials invested in it, so I hope it goes to someone who just loves how it turned out and will enjoy playing with it!  photo image-600.jpg  photo image-2150.jpg  photo image-938.jpg  photo image-1851.jpg

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