Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Scrappy Pin Cushion

I have wanted to make one of these pin cushions for so long! I was just going to cover one of the red ones you buy at the store, but after I looked up instructions on the internet, I realized it would be pretty easy to make one from scratch. I drew a circle on fabric and stitched my little pieces together on the top. Then I took a piece of embroidered linen and cut it into the same size circle as the top piece. I sewed them together, pretty sides facing each other. Then I turned the fabric right side out, stuffed the inside, and sewed it up. Next I took embroidery floss and sewed it up through the center, and around the outside 6 times. Last, I sewed a button in the middle of the pin cushion. Ok, now you know why I don't write instructions for projects! I am going to make more of these. One of my student's said it was the prettiest thing she had ever seen. My husband said the kids were figuring out how to sucker me into giving them the stuff I make. I laughed, but I realized he is probably right!!  photo imagejpg1-3.jpg  photo imagejpg1-4.jpg  photo imagejpg1-5.jpg

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