Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Pampering With Herbs & Essential Oils

For years my sister-in-law has given me lavender and told me to use a little on my bed linens so I would sleep better. Did I try it? No. Well, about a month ago I was having a hard time sleeping and I rubbed a little lavender oil on the bottom of my feet before bed, and I slept so much better! I have another friend who is really into essential oils, and she gave me a some to try. I have a book that has recipes for different uses, and I am finding it very interesting. This gave me an idea for a gift box. I had a needlepoint that was from the 1960's and it had flowers and herb designs stitched on it. I decided to use it to make a box of pampering pretties. I made sachets, essential oil covers, a relaxing eye pillow sachet, room sprays,a soap bag and more. There is a new magazine coming out in May called "Willow and Sage" by Stampington Publications. I think I'm going to check it out!  photo 011-11.jpg  photo 012-5.jpg  photo 013-6.jpg  photo 015-1.jpg  photo 020-9.jpg  photo 008-10.jpg


  1. I have not used oils very much but I am a big believer of chamomile tea and valerian root capsules to help relax you before you go to bed. And I know for sure if I stayed off the computer before going to be bed I sleep better...

  2. I love chamomile tea, but I've never heard of valerian root before. I'll have to look into that. I will have to try not messing on my IPad before bed, because I do that often!