Sunday, August 11, 2013

More of the Snippet Belt

I had a request to take some better pictures of the snippet belt. I thought I would tell you how I made it while I'm at it. I started with the intention of making a snippet roll, so I didn't measure my strip of denim. I'm just lucky it fit around my waist when I was done. Depending on how long and wide you want your belt, that's what you will measure for your base piece. I used a strip of denim for mine. Then I took pieces of material, lace, bits of leftover projects and layer them on my denim strip until I was happy with what I saw. Next I took a little bit of tacky glue and glued my pieces down. After that I sewed up and down the length of the denim/fabric edges. I trimmed along the edges after that. Remember, it was not my intention to create a belt, so I didn't turn my edges under or make everything perfect. Once this step was done, I embroidered little bits here and there in between pieces of fabric and sewed on some buttons. I added a belt buckle and my project was complete. This same method is basically how I made my lanyards, but I used a cotton band instead of denim. It would make a cute trim around a basket rim, or if you made it very wide, a scarf would be darling!  photo image-194.jpg  photo image-195.jpg  photo image-196.jpg  photo image-197.jpg  photo image-198.jpg

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