Sunday, July 7, 2013

Metal Stamped Spoons

I have wanted to try stamping spoons forever! I need to be a bit steadier when I hammer the letters on, but I was happy with my first real attempt. I wanted holes drilled at the top of the spoons, and my best husband in the whole world showed me how! He really is a wonderful man and I sure do love him!  photo image-156.jpg Here is how I stamped my spoons; first I hammered the spoons flat. Next I stamped the letters on the spoons (I started with the center letters and worked my way out so the letters were evenly spaced). When I stamped the letters, I placed the metal stamp on the spoon and hit it hard on top with a hammer. Last, I took a black sharpie and went over the stamped letters, then I used a little piece of fine steel wool to take the leftover sharpie off the spoon.

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