Saturday, January 18, 2014

Metal Medicine Cabinet

I went to the bank on my lunch 1/2 hour, and I saw a yard sale sign. Hum, it's noon and all the good stuff would be gone. I go to the bank and decide to stop at the sale on my way back to school. I found the cutest metal medicine cabinet! This would be very cute in a camper! Then I spot an old wood tool box. This is when I start my happy dance. The little gal that was taking money asked if I wanted to bundle them with an offer. Heck yes- I've been watching American Pickers, I know how this works! (Plus, these were nice people that I know.) This was the best lunch 1/2 hour I've had in a long time! My picture isn't very good, but you'll get the idea.  photo image-499.jpg

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