Sunday, November 24, 2013

Hand-made Jewelry

When I was at The Big Heap, a friend guided me to a jewelry booth. The pieces are made with vintage materials, and are created by the artist Dawn Josephine. I think her work is fantastic!! I bought 4 pieces on Saturday and went back and bought 3 more on Sunday. I knew I wanted to put 1 piece on a chain to make a necklace, and I did that. Then I took one of the pieces and glued it to a large key, and added a watch face. I attached that to a chain and I thought it was funky cute. I had some old bottles, so I added wire to one and hung one of the charms from it. I adhered a picture on the bottle and made a stopper out of an old junk piece. I added the next piece to a chain with other goodies, then I put it around an old bottle, next I put buttons in the bottle and last I added a flower frog on the top of the bottle. I thought this would be a great way to display my cards. The moral of this story is to look up Dawn at and check out her amazing hand-made jewelry!  photo image-2239.jpg

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