Saturday, April 20, 2013

Outdoors-Woman Fly Fishing

This weekend I attended a camp called Becoming an Outdoors-Woman. My main goal was to get a feel for fly fishing. I spent half the day Friday taking an introductory to fly fishing. I think it is a beautiful sport and it was not as easy as it looks! By the end of the day I felt pretty good about my casting. (This was on a grass field, not on a lake). Friday night we had fly tying. This was right up my alley. Saturday morning we got up, had breakfast and went to the lake to try out our new skills. Is this where I insert my fish tale? Ok, I am going to need a lot more practice to master this type of fishing, but I had a wonderful time. Yes, I want to keep trying and I hope one day I will be really good at fly fishing. It is not often I surround myself with women I don't know, but it is amazing to learn how and why so many women come together to learn about and be a part of the great outdoors. This camp is sponsored by the Arizona Wildlife Federation.  photo 005-9.jpg These are the flies I made. I hung them on my antique minnow bucket.  photo 011-9.jpg

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