Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Succulent Garden Chair

I bought this chair earlier in the summer. It's very cute but the metal seat was broken. I originally created a succulent cactus basket to fit in the seat, but it was too small to sit in the hole. So today I went around the house looking for a bucket or bowl that would fit just right. I found a metal bowl, painted it white and pounded some holes in the bottom for drainage. Last but not least, I set my succulent garden delights in it!  photo imagejpg1-1455.jpg  photo imagejpg1-1448.jpg  photo imagejpg1-392.jpg

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  1. Terry, lovely blog. Before I move to your website (congrats!) need to share with you that the page I am on is covered with obnoxious "is this your photo?" stamps all over it. I'm sure you didn't intend this. Hope it is an easy fix. All the best, Karen Custer Thurston in Flagstaff