Saturday, July 12, 2014

Necklace Holder, Sign, and Closet Disaster!

Yesterday I had such good intensions about getting some new posts ready for my blog. I made another necklace holder out of old wood and fuses.  photo imagejpg1-896.jpg Then I painted a piece of old wood to make a sign.  photo imagejpg1-778.jpg After that I thought I would clean 1 room in my house really well. I have completed the laundry room and my son's room. I walked by my closet and the pole holding my shirts and dresses had pulled itself out of the wall. This was totally my fault because it was so heavy and I just kept hanging more clothes on it. I do have a thing for clothes and it was time to purge! I had intended on doing this, but now the choice of when was no longer an option. Plus, I had to ask my husband to redo the pole in the closet, and he was busy. Well, he thought it was funny, even when their were piles of clothes all over our bedroom. I did not think it was funny!! I piled clothes up for the thrift store, made a pile to take to my sister, a stack to go to the dry cleaners, and hung the rest back up. I even hung them by colors. It felt good to get it done, but oh, brother! I figure the closet counts as a room, so that's one more off my list.

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