Monday, July 7, 2014

Industrial Piggybank

I found 2 of these glass gallon bottles today and I thought they would make super cute piggybacks! I took one of them and painted my initials & favorite number on the front of it with glass paint. Then I took a sprinkler knob and a glass door knob and put them together for my stopper.  photo imagejpg1-185.jpg  photo imagejpg1-186.jpg The next jar lid was made from a ceramic flower.  photo imagejpg1-187.jpg The last lid is just a vintage ceramic doorknob.  photo imagejpg1-188.jpg These jars would be cute with handmade labels, pictures, or any old thing on the front. You could use them for banks, drinks, buttons, or other small objects. I have to go, I want to get some more jars before they are all gone!

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