Monday, March 31, 2014

Silver Cuff Piece

I made this cuff out of leather and then added the silver piece that I cut from an antique spoon. My man attached it with rivets. I think I will make some more of these. I really don't use my silver much, and these projects are so much fun.  photo image-2253.jpg

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Beautiful Antique Linens

Sorry I haven't been around much, but a friend of ours retired this last week and we all went camping to celebrate. It was so much fun, and very relaxing. I really haven't had time to do much. I did want to tell you a little more about my friend's purging of her household. Well, I hit the jackpot with antique linens. Lots of beautiful items. I borrowed her tubs to bring stuff home, so I covered a couple of boxes to store everything in. I still need to stitch part of it down, but I will love setting these boxes out. I did find one piece that had a hymn embroidered on it. It was one of my favorite songs from church when I was little. I really love it!  photo image-2215.jpg  photo image-620.jpg  photo image-1602.jpg

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Little Stitches

I've been playing around with bits & pieces of fabric that are sewn together with tiny stitches.  photo image-1523.jpg  photo image-1395.jpg  photo image-1180.jpg  photo image-1925.jpg  photo image-1382.jpg

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Train Cases

Lucky?! Yes, I was very lucky this week. I went to a friend's house and she is down-sizing, and guess who got the best stuff ever? ME! I'll start with the train cases. They were super cute to begin with, so all I did was fix up the insides. One is pretty shabby chic, and the other is simply pretty.  photo image-712.jpg  photo image-1836.jpg  photo image-1022.jpg Oh, isn't my makeup case cute with this case?  photo image-486.jpg  photo image-1049.jpg Thank you S.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Things

Oh, Spring! We are having the most lovely weather! My iris' are blooming. I'm making a vest out of old lace and doileys. Life is good!!  photo 018-3.jpg  photo 020-8.jpg  photo 013-5.jpg

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Soldered Business Card

The 5th thing on my to-do list was to solder something in glass. I thought it would be fun to take a business card and solder it. It can hang in the booth at the next show I do!  photo image-1239.jpg  photo image-243.jpg  photo image-1839.jpg

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Mirror Frame & Kitchen Scale Re-Do

I sent my sister a picture of a mirror that had the silver backing taken off and made into a glass frame. Well, she created all the pieces and sent them to me in my birthday present. Today I put them all together and made this frame. I added charms and a picture from my 25th wedding anniversary. This is a wonderful reminder of how lucky I am!  photo image-1477.jpg The 4th thing on my to-do list was to re-do a kitchen scale. I forgot to take the before picture, but here is the after picture.  photo image-1040.jpg

Monday, March 17, 2014

SPRING BREAK!!!!!!!! Get 'Er Done!

I LOVE spring break! I cleaned the storage shed. No, that wasn't fun, but it was so full that I had to do it! I threw a trailer full of junk away. My husband took it to the dump but it was closed so he had to bring it back. Here is the funny part, I almost got stuff out of it today. Then I decided not too. I have so much stuff and I have a million projects I want to do, so in the dump all that junk goes and stays. So anyway, I made a list of things I wanted to accomplish this week. The first was to catch up on my blog. There are times I think about ending it, but it is such a nice way to keep track of what I'm doing. It makes me start and finish projects so that I have something to post about. I hope there are people out there who actually look at it. So for now I will try to keep it going. For today's project I just stained some little ceramic bisque storage holders. (These were in the storage shed!) I wrote the contents of each piece on the outside. I think I will put them on a little shelf in my classroom. Done!  photo image-2105.jpg The second thing to do on my list was to finish my branded sign from the Sister's on the Fly trip! I added my number with a wood burner and added a little turquoise stain on the steer head. Done!  photo image-617.jpg Third on my list was to drill holes in the buckets so I could add little metal tags. Done!  photo image-1202.jpg I have 12 more things to get done over the next 4 days. My project for tomorrow is FUN! Hope to see you back then.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Two Strand Beaded Bracelet

This is my first attempt at a 2 strand bracelet.  photo image-2057.jpg  photo image-590.jpg  photo image-2250.jpg

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Leather Cuffs

I have seen some really cute leather cuffs, and I really wanted to learn to make one. I looked on the Internet for directions, and it seemed pretty simple. So I got out some leather, cut it to to fit my wrist, punched holes for snaps, and recruited my hubby to help me put the snaps on. I am a very visual learner and usually it only takes me 1 time to learn something new if I can see how it's done. So by my pictures you can see I was having fun making these cuffs. I finished the 4th one and remembered I had a little Levi buckle, so I made a little bracelet using it. I'm going to try and tool my name or a design onto the solid leather cuff this week. I'll let you know how that turns out.  photo image-667.jpg  photo image-2254.jpg

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Copper Camper

When I was at the camp this weekend I kept seeing all of these little toy wood campers. They were so CUTE! Well, I had some copper foil and I decided to try and make one. I had it all cut out but wasn't sure how to put it together so the sides didn't look bad. Well, last night I woke up with the idea of using the copper tape that you use for stained glass. It worked really well. I'm pretty happy with my first attempt!  photo image-1285.jpg  photo image-1809.jpg

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Old & New

I added a little stuffing to the back oushion on my chair, and finished it off with canvas that I printed a saying and some words & numbers on. I keep forgetting to show you the very cool wood file cabinet I found at the thrift store. I took it to my classroom and everyone tried to talk me out of it. Nope, not this one! It has casters, the paint is perfect and it's so light and easy to move.  photo image-1664.jpg  photo image-300.jpg

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Birthday Treats

I turned the old speed limit yesterday! You know, 2 nickels! It was actually a fun day. I wanted to show you a few things my sister sent me. The towel with the little girl on it looks just like me when I was little. My husband thought it was me! Cindy also made me a few camper towels, some soldered glass for some projects I saw, the clock, and a bunch more fun things! Thank you! These were hand-made things so I thought they fit my blog.  photo image-597.jpg  photo image-1161.jpg  photo image-493.jpg  photo image-885.jpg

Monday, March 3, 2014

Sister's Trip

Usually when I talk about going on a sister's trip, it is with my real sisters. This weekend I went on a Sisters on the Fly trip. I had a wonderful time meeting some "new" sisters. I participated in a craft day on Saturday where I painted a little wood camper that looked like mine. Then I carved a gourd, made a fabric rabbit, beaded a bracelet, and branded on a piece of wood. Needless to say, this was a perfect day for me. I pulled my camper to Cave Creek, all by myself! Each meal was prepared by a group of women, and it was so good! Laura, a new sister friend from Wickenburg, took me under her wing and introduced to to everyone. This was the nicest bunch of women and I couldn't have felt more welcome!  photo 003-13.jpg  photo 002-14.jpg  photo 009-6.jpg  photo 014-7.jpg Looking back, I wish I had taken more pictures of the campers. They went from cute little campers, to tents, to vans, and on to very fancy rigs! It was fun to see how they were decorated.