Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Sew Summer!

I found 2 lounge chairs that were mismatched but could be cute if re-done with some quilt pieces and pillows. This blue chair was a little sun bleached. ]  photo imagejpg1-189.jpg I started out by taking a big piece of quilt I had left from another project and cut it in half. There was exactly enough to do both chairs. I just sewed a single piece of quilt to the top and bottom of the chair and stitched the quilted edge under. The chair already had a little pillow at the top and so I just stitched a quilt piece around it.  photo imagejpg1-190.jpg The last thing I made were some pillows to make it comfy and cozy! I put a little stand next to the chair, and I am ready for a summer evening outside. Now I just have to finish the other chair for my hubby!  photo imagejpg1-191.jpg

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