Monday, July 21, 2014

Coffee Station for School

I'm starting to get back into the school mode since I have only 10 days before the new school year begins. I decided to make a coffee station. This idea started with 4 white cups I bought at Marshall's. I wanted to try drawing letters on them with a Sharpie marker and then baking the mugs so the marker became permanent. I decided to write A-R-T on 3 cups.  photo imagejpg1-637.jpg So while I was waiting for the cups to bake & cool, I took a wood crate and added magazine art and some cork board to the inside/back of the crate. I set a jar with creamer & sweeteners, a coffee can, and a drink bottle that looks like a spray can on the bottom shelf. I added a journal & the little pig for fun!  photo imagejpg1-2473.jpg Once my cups were cool, I hung them on the bottom of the crate and then attached a jar with teabags.  photo imagejpg1-1195.jpg

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