Sunday, July 6, 2014

Outside Art Space

Today I decided it would be nice to have a space outside to create new art. I used a metal stand, some old wood and a piece of glass for my table. I had a hickory chair and added some cushions to make it comfortable to sit. I had an antique canning holder with some old jars to put my art & sewing tools in. Next came a vase with fresh roses. Then, a major rain storm came and I ran for cover! You just never know about Arizona monsoons!!  photo imagejpg1-183.jpg  photo imagejpg1-184.jpg


  1. looks good! We got maybe 10 drops of rain yesterday afternoon but cooled things down enough to turn the air off for the evening! My cousin, Jerry, is the radio announcer for the Colorado Rockies! For any home Diamondback vs. Rockies I can get 4 free tickets...really good seats!....let me know and we can all go one day.

  2. Now that sounds like fun! We had so much fun in Denver.
    We got so much rain that the wash ran and the road took a beating! It was sure pretty last night and we needed the rain.